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Quick way to raise
low blood glucose

Each TRUEplus™ Glucose tablet has 4 grams of glucose; lets patients take exactly what is needed to help raise blood glucose levels.

TRUEplusTM Glucose Tablets are available in Raspberry and Orange Flavors. Other flavors may be available under the brand name of your favorite retailer.


  • Fat-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free
  • Comes in 10 ct. convenient travel tube or 50 ct. bottle
  • Made in USA

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TRUEplus™ Glucose Tablets are available under the Nipro Diagnostics’ TRUEplus™ brand as well as the brand name of your favorite retailer.

Our TRUE portfolio of products is available at your favorite retail store or mail service provider.

If you have questions about using our products, please contact us.